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World is getting smaller with more of us travelling places for holiday or business. At UK Currency Expert Ltd we understand your travel money needs. With years of experience in currency market our team sets up rates which best suits you.

Currently our business is digital only. We operate a 100% order now, collect later process. Customers can book currency and collect it from one of our agent or partner company. Once we receive your payment we make the currency available for you to collect or deliver from next day.

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Experience the professional yet friendly service. Discuss your currency requirement today.

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We are foreign currency experts. We precisely tailor our exchange rates which stands competitive in the market.

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Let's talk about your holiday which may allow us to advise you on how much foreign currency you need to carry.

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UK Currency Expert Ltd is registered with HMRC and other regulatory bodies. This gives you peace of mind and assures you of being in safe hands.